Ewaste – recycling

The usage of electronic devices in businesses are growing exponentially, adopting information technology in streamline and automate business processes. Therefore, today e-waste is one of the main concerning issues for many countries worldwide.

As electronic devices reaches their operable lives, it is important to address it’s waste problem as e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste stream in the recent years hence with countries had a set of legal regulation concerning e-waste..

At SYH, we’re committed to our partners in providing recycling service on wide range of electronics products from standards business and IT equipment to medical devices and consumer electronics equipment, we are the professional in the trade.

SYH advocates and practices the industry highest standards according to international legal regulation and compliance. We offer end to end services to our partners from logistic, to Assets Management and Security on your end-of-life electronic waste. We had a list of approve downstream vendor which we had conduct desktop or on-site audit to ensure all the processes of the vendor are done according to the best environmental practices and legal compliances

Our e-waste recycling process flows:

Our company are audited and certified by various local environmental agencies and international agencies