IT Assets Disposal

The disposal of obsolete IT assets responsibly is a challenge and obligation to many companies today. Data Security, Information Privacy, and Environmental Protection are a critical requirements for ITAD.  SYH is the leading ITAD provider with one-stop services certified by local and international regulator bodies.


As the leading power for IT asset disposal service, SYH IT disposal process comply with government guidelines and standards, so rest assured your asset will be handed in the most secure and responsible ways.

Our service process started from your site


  • Decommission IT assets at your premises
  • Inventory reconciliation of your IT assets for disposal
  • Data Destruction Service at your location or our secure facility
  • Packing of your assets and transport to SYH process facility
  • Inventories and logging data of equipment into our system (Equipment serial number, model, brand)
  • Demanufacture of equipment and harvesting of parts (Equipment will be dismantled and harvesting of recyclable parts)
  • Recyclable parts will be consolidated and send to our audited and certified Downstream Vendors
  • Inventory reporting and certificates of destruction will be generated

As the leading provider of IT Disposal services in the region, we process over 2000 tonnes per year in Singapore. We incorporate the highest standards of best practices within the industry to ensure environmental and data security compliance.
SYH understands the challenges that organisations face when dealing with the disposal of IT equipment, particularly for enterprises that operate in different countries and regions. Faced with complex geographical, systemic and procedural variables, we work closely with clients to tailor specific solutions to meet their needs.