Shredding is the physical destruction of data. In shredding the data is completely removed using a data shredder thus making it unrecoverable. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it provides the highest oath of absolute destruction of the data. There’s no likelihood that someone will be able to reconstruct or recover the data from a disk or drive that’s been physically destroyed.

On the down side, physical destruction can be a costly way to get rid of data, given the high capital expenses involved. Also it can affect the Companies green and sustainability programs.

In SYH, we bring data shredding services to you, professionally, securely and economically. All our shredder machine meets international standards, and can shreds all kind of data storage such as USB, Tape drive, Laptop Drive, Mobile Phone, hard-disk drive, solid-state drive into small particle size that data cannot be recovered.At SYH, rest assured that these electronic waste will be disposed in the most environmentally responsible way.

Responsible recycling with our processes and track records to ensure collected electronic waste is properly managed, every effort are committed to reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce landfill, save energy and meet necessary federal regulations for proper e-waste recycling.

We ensure all data will be 100% destroyed and achieved zero data leakage on your media storage devices.

On-site shredding

Whether your confidential material is in the form of paper records or digital, our secure process ensures2 that all material and data are strictly contained and controlled.

You can rest assured that your confidential materials will be recorded for accountability and shredded there and then, bringing our mobile shredder to your site, guaranteeing that confidential information is shredded correctly in your presence.

Off-site shredding

Our offsite shredding service is designed to offer you a simple and reliable solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization, and guarantees that your company’s confidential information will be handled securely every step of the way.

Our secure process ensures that all materials and data are strictly contained and controlled when moving to our premises. Locked container and sealed will be used to contained all your confidential data. 

Solid state drives (SSDs) cannot be degaussed because they do not store data on magnetic media.  As such, NSA/CSS requires that SSDs and other flash media be disintegrated into 2mm particles.  This ensures that every chip on the flash drive is destroyed and data is not recoverable.  These CDs were disintegrated with a shredder listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List.

Most organizations that fall under NIST 800-88, HIPAA and PCI data destruction require that SSDs and other flash media be shredded to .375” (9.5mm).  This size shred ensures that all chips are destroyed.


This multimedia shredder is a newly developed shredder model with improved performance. It is designed for secure and efficient physical destruction of storage medium that carry sensitive data. It supports 2.5” hard drive, cell phone (depending on device size), floppy disk, USB, CD/DVD and paper. Four separated feeding ports leading to three independent cutters for shredding of different media types. One single machine to destroy multiple types of media, with a relatively light weight and a compact body, ideal for your on-site cater shredding services.

Server hard disk shredder DED-SHS

Server Hard Disk Shredder is a heavy-duty shredder that supports shredding of hard disks (server, desktop, and laptop) and other storage media. When it comes to shredding server HDD, you need a capable, reliable, and durable machine to do the job. The DED-SHS Shredder is just that. Able to shred any thickness of HDD, you’ll have confidential data destroyed in no time. It can even shred continuously for up to 10 minutes with only a 15-minute cool-down. It's even equipped with anti-jam auto-reverse to clear shredded jams quickly and easily to get you back to shredding in no time. And, with the special hardened cutting mechanism, you’ll find your drives or unwanted media drives effectively and securely destroyed.