Data Crushing

Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. One of this method will be data crushing. Data Crushing is to perform secure "V" shape physical destruction on hard drives using NIST and NSA approved machines. During this process, it breaks and mangles a hard drive and its internal components in order to destroy the whole drive completely and thoroughly. The data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the hard drive housing is cracked, the PC board is broken and the read/write heads are mangled.

On Site Crushing

SYH provides product crushing services for all media optic drive. Depending on the size and quantity of your items we can bring our crusher to your site, and crush the items at your warehouse. This on-site crushing allows you to witness and verify the destruction of your goods. All items are recorded for accountability before crushing and a destruction report will be issued to your company for audit purposes.

Off-site crushing

At SYH we follows strict policies and procedures set forth by regulatory agencies. Our professional staff will be there to collect your item, account for your item and locked containers and sealed it before transporting out of your premises. Be assured that your item will be properly destroyed at our premises and we will provide a Certificate of Destruction that meets your individual and industry requirements.


Model: DED-HD2

The HDD destroyer physically destroys a hard drive to prevent access to data by bending the hard drive into a V-Shape, following DoD 5220.22M standard and National Security Agent (NSA). DED-HD2 has a built-in V-shaped destruction cone, driven by a powerful motor gear, directly crushing the hard disk, so that the hard disk is deformed and cracked causing the internal circuit board and magnetic platter to be crushed at the same time.

Demolisher V2

The HDD Demolisher V2 is a fully hydraulic operated machine and requires no electricity. It can destroy up to 2 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch HDD at a time. The machine is fully enclosed to prevent flying bits from hdd when the crushing process is taking place. When manually operated, it physically breaking the hard drive chasis and deforming the magnetic platters which hold data. Thus, is effectively destroy the data off the HDD.