Data Centre Solution

End-to-end data center decommissioning

SYH is a key player in assisting companies manage ongoing technology shifts in data centers, We provide companies with decommissioning services from cage clean-outs to cable mining to equipment removal, onsite data destruction and disposition of retired data center equipment. SYH has a team of dedicated and professional expert to cater for your data center decommissioning, hence we has the smallest downstream footprint of any competitor in the region.

SYH Decommission Process Flow

  1.  Removal/decommission of racked equipment and hard drives.
  2.  Conduct inventory reconciliation for any discrepancies
  3.  Move equipment and hard drives to staging area for preparation and on-site data destruction service
  4.  We will either perform data destruction or physical destruction as per requested.
  5.  Identify unused cables, remove, pack and transport equipment to our processing facility
  6.  De-manfacturing in our processing facility by segregation of recyclable waste and non-recyclable
  7.  Certificate of Destruction/Recycled will be provided when all equipment is dismantled and segregated.