Electronics Waste Recycling

At SYH, we dispose of your decommissioned, retired or unused ICT equipment and electronic waste in the most environmentally responsible way.

Responsible recycling with our processes and track records to ensure collected electronic waste is properly managed, every effort are committed to reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce landfill, save energy and meet necessary federal regulations for proper e-waste recycling.

We ensure all data will be 100% destroyed and achieved zero data leakage on your media storage devices.

From your data center, server room or employees’ desktop to our facilities, we ensure that the I.T asset recycling process is secure, convenient and compliant. This end-to-end process include:

  • Arrange transportation to your location for collection of items
  • Asset recording and documentation of product serial number
  • Securely transport item back to our secure facility for destruction and recycling.
  • Certification and report of recycling and destruction