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For years, proper I.T asset disposal has been neglected by many companies due to logistical and operational challenges.
Explosion of data breaches associated with lost, stolen or compromised enterprise data storage devices resulting in huge financial losses and critical information breaches are due to improper I.T assets disposal.

Implementing proper I.T asset disposal management and enforcement from government bodies on data protection regulations, I.T assets disposal is now a key element in global cyber security and data security.

As such, the expectations and requirements in regards to I.T asset disposal from companies and government agencies must continue to evolve.

  • No longer are those old methods of hammering and drilling holes on digital data storage devices are proper destruction methods. Physical destruction doesn’t ensure total destruction of data.
  • Today, enterprises, businesses owner and government agencies ensure they are engaging a reputable and professional firms with proven records and profound knowledge of secure I.T asset disposal and recycling.
  • Investment in critical elements including secure processes, advance equipment and knowledge to deliver end-to end security through entire chain of custody of every client individual asset.
SYH Service and Features Detail
Secure Digital Media Destruction Services Onsite and Offsite Degaussing and Destruction
End-Of-Life ICT Equipment Disposal Secure Collection Service, Locked and Sealed Container
ISO certified disposal management
Chain Of Custody I.T Asset Accountability Documentation of Individual Equipment Serial Number with Recycling And Data Destruction Report
Electronic Waste Recycling Responsible Recycling, Certified And 100% Data Destruction
Hard Disk Drive Diagnostic Professional use technology to verified degaussed Hard Disk
Compliance With Federal, State And Local Laws NIST 800-88, Department Of Defense(DOD)
National Security Agency(NSA), HIPAA/HITEC,
Sarbanes-Oxley Act…
Mobile Smart Device Mobile Phone, Smart Phone, Tablets disposition

To shape the way our client view “Secured Digital Data Destruction & I.T Assets Recycling Services”, by introducing an innovative experience, where education, integrity and professionalism is at the forefront of who we are and to constantly grow and improve our business through innovation and modern technology.


SYH demonstrate integrity and emphasize the security of our client’s end-of-life data management, ensuring zero data leakage as the upmost priority. To create difference with constant upgrading of skills, knowledge and equipment to serve our clients with the best interest to them. Provide and create value added service with appropriate, responsible and secure date degaussing and destruction.

SYH pride itself on being environmentally, ethically and socially responsible company, with the effort to promote recycling and reduce pollution we are committed to maximize the reuse and recycling of electronic waste product and/or I.T asset received for further processing, with a commitment to continually improve its processes, to achieve zero percent landfill and to comply with the applicable legal requirements. We always strive to do the job in the most environmentally sensible manner.

SYH strive to deliver customer service excellence. Connecting to our customers go beyond simply delivering product, and develop strong bonds with customer. It is essential that we provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating the customers’ needs and expectations and exceeding them, every time.

SYH recognize that the responsibility for protection of worker health & safety and well-being. We are equally committed to continually improve our processes, to prevent work place injuries, and to maintain compliance with relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations.

Core Value


At SYH, we conduct all matter of business with integrity. We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. We seek to constantly maintain a professional demeanor despite facing critical decisions while conducting business. The time and effort put into every project is true to our mission of delivering superior results in a professional manner.

Customer Excellence

To deliver what we promise-and add value that goes beyond what is expected.


The best solution come from the passion our employees display on a daily basis are key drivers in achieving our partnerships with the customers. We highly value and respect the people who make up our company and their commitment to excellence.