Data Erasure is a software-based method of overwriting the data that aims to completely destroy all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other digital media. Data Erasure removed data completely by overwriting the Digital storage devices with zeros, ones and any other alpha numeric character also known as “mask” onto each of the digital media devices storage sector. By overwriting the data on the digital storage device is rendered unrecoverable and achieves data sanitization. Unlike physical destruction and degaussing which destroy the digital storage device and require disposal and contributing to electronic waste while negatively impacting the carbon footprint of individuals and companies. Data erased digital storage devices are nearly 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and cost saving. 

The pressure on organizations to build and maintain robust security policies and safeguard their sensitive data continue to rise. SYH can assist organization to add an extra level of protection to their endpoint security policies by permanently erasing sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs, including NVMes, in any desktop/laptop computers and servers. Our overwriting process sanitizes data on wide variety of storage devices, include hidden/locked areas such as the HPA(host protected area), DCO(device configuration overlay) and remapped sectors to ensure a full disk overwrtting, so you can safely resell, re-purpose or dispose of these assets end-of-life. Our erasure solution is secured, certified and flexible to deploy according to your specific requirement. SYH Data erasure solutions are as follows:-

  1. Blannco Drive Erasure 
  2. WipeDrive Enterprise 
  3. Clonix Drive Duplicator & Wiper
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